2 Rolls

Part #VF-811-C

Vacuum Roll Features:

  • Two Rolls; (1) 8"x50' + (1) 11"x50'. Compatible with all vacuum sealer brands. These clear vacuum sealer bags have texture on one side and smooth on the other which allows them to work great with any vacuum sealer machine.
  • Vacuum seal rolls can be cut and sealed at both ends to create your own custom sized airtight food storage bag to prevent freezer burn, delay spoilage, slow down mold, block odors, and save food from being wasted.
  • Heavy duty, high quality commercial grade vacuum bags made of a 7-layer construction to keep more air out, be more puncture resistant, and hold a vacuum seal longer than any other plastic vacuum bag.
  • A vacuum seal bag can be stored in the freezer, put into the microwave to heat food, washed in the dishwasher, boiled in a pot of water, or resealed to be used again.
  • Vacuum rolls are made from safe non BPA, non toxic plastic, no bisphenol, no Phthalates and FDA approved materials.

´╗┐Vacuum Roll Description;

Keep Fresh Bags vacuum sealer bags and rolls work with all vacuum sealer machines. The embossed texture on one side of the bag allows air to be removed with non-industrial clamp style vacuum sealers. The texture consists of a channeling pattern designed to quickly remove as much air out of the bag as possible. This creates a tight seal and keeps your food fresh longer. The quicker vacuum seal also helps prevent your vacuum sealer motor from overheating and wearing out sooner. Prolong the life of your food by vacuum sealing with Keep Fresh Bags vacuum seal rolls. Extends food life by sealing out new air and moisture to preserve freshness. Excellent for freezing fish, meat, and other food items. Eliminates freezer burn. Also great for marinating food to lock in flavor. Used commercially by restaurants, hotels, butchers, chefs, meat, cheese, and seafood packers, hunting lodges, charter boats, and the medial industry. Now you can use them for multiple household uses like home food storage, saving leftovers, or to save what you hunt, catch, or grow. Keep Fresh vacuum seal rolls protect and preserve food but also non food items like clothes, supplements, medications, collectibles, documents, jewelry, silver, ammo, electronics, and more. Work the same but half the cost and double the roll size of the overpriced name brand. Save time, save money and save waste with Keep Fresh vacuum seal bag rolls.

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Vacuum Sealer Bags, 8"x50' and 11"x50', 3.5mil Commercial Grade, 2 Roll Combo

  • Brand: Keep Fresh
  • Product Code: VF-811-C
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $17.95

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